PCM2704 SSOP28

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SKU: BB_00042


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The PCM2704C/5C/6C/7C are TI’s single-chip USB stereo audio digital-to-analog converters (DACs) with USB 2.0 compliant full-speed protocol  controller and S/PDIF.  The USB-protocol  controller works with no software code, but USB descriptors can be modified in some areas (for example,  vendor ID/product  ID)through the use of an external ROM (PCM2704C/6C) or serial  peripheral  interface (SPI) (PCM2705C/7C).

The  PCM2704C/5C/6C/7C also  employ  SpAct™ architecture,  TI’s unique system that  recovers the audio clock from USB packet  data.  On-chip analog phase-locked  loops  (PLLs)   with  SpAct   enable playback with low clock jitter.


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